Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back again from Cornwall!!

It hasnt been very long since we were there, and now we have been back again!
It has been so wet and windy here that we both were very happy to be having a break down south again.  This time we had to spend the first couple of days moving Sammie into a lovely little flat with her boyfriend, so we drove to Carbis bay then to Falmouth and then to Plymouth and then back to Carbis bay, and it was a lot of driving let me tell you.

Sammie is now a very short walk from this posh bit of Plymouth known as the Barbican, and we went for a lovely meal overlooking this once we had shifted numerous boxes and bedding for her!

The weather was a lot better than that Up North, and the move went off well in sunshine.

We then spend several days enjoying sun and relaxing.  Lots of nice walks and good food and drink.
I did some stitching, spilt a lot of beads, so whats new??  lol

 But I did manage to get part one done, except the bit in the middle which I am leaving for now as its too bitty.  I am not doing the blue background as I am using a nice deepish lilac hand dyed fabric.

The weather was kind to us all week except for Thursday when it BOUNCED down all day!  of course that was the day that we were going on a short boat trip!!  It was a lot of fun though.

Here are some of the nice day views as well,  and see if you can spot the resident St Ives seal in one of them!

Well, thats me off to bed now, I have a long and hard week at work coming up so I need to get to sleep asap really!!
This week on the stitching front, I plan to complete Part 5 of Dawn of Spring, and maybe the hardanger bit of Vals sampler if I get time.

I also signed up for a Biscobud challenge which Val has designed so I may kit that up and put in a few stitches.....with a bit of luck....if I can stay awake of an evening!!

Night all!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

quick update on stitching!

Hello everyone!

Just thought I had better pop in and do a quick update before I go back down to Cornwall yet again for a short holiday with my parents.
I spent the Hermit weekend working on the Dawn of Spring sal, and its looking lovely!
so............. once I had got up to date with that one! I remembered the one from last year, designed by Val, and not completed by I dusted that off and carried on with it, and its turning out very nice indeed!

I was thrilled with the rhodes hearts, which looked very complicated on the diagram, but which were easy peasy once I started them and I think they look brilliant in the variagated thread.

Freddie doesnt like me stitching, he wants to sit on my knee and be fussed over!  so he  sits and stares at me as you can see!!  Talk about pathetic poor little me looks!!

I caved in and signed up for the Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL as well, it looked so pretty that I just could not resist..enabled again!!
Here is a photo of the first few hours of work from me, I am using threads and beads from my stash rather than buying a load of stuff that is the designers choice.  I think it looks lovely so far, and the colours will suit my bedroom far better so I am sticking with this now.  I confess to stitching in another thread for several hours and then frogging the lot cos I wasnt happy with the darker colour as chosen by the designer, not for my bedroom this is the final choice now, and mine will after all,  be unique

Its only a small area at the moment, but I hope to get a lot more done on this whilst I am down in Cornwall.  I am taking this and Vals sal with me.

And my Kindle...of course!
Speaking of which, I finally read the Fifty Shades books last weekend, was sick of being the only one not to have done the world I think!!
I did read all 3.
I am unsure as to what to say really....I have now done that at least, so I will not have to repeat it!  and I have read worse.  I have also read a lot better.  And I could have done without all the lip biting and swinging from the chandeliers!!
I have switched to some good old Regency Romance now, I felt the need for a nice story!!

Night everyone!  I will be back in about 10 days from Mum and Dads, and will update soon after.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Been down and then back!

Been a busy girl again! We had a trip down to Cornwall for the Jubilee to see my parents and Sammie and her boyfriend, Terry,  and the weather was on the whole good. We had rain a couple of times, and it bounced down on the day we drove back here, but mainly it was sunny and warm. It was lovely see the family and we enjoyed it very much.
 I forgot to take my stitching but I had my trusty Kindle of course!
Pete loves a trip on the open top bus, and we did that on the Bank Holiday Monday,
it was spectacular, as always!
 This was taken early evening of that day, St Ives.

 I have not been doing a lot of stitching since my last post, but I can now show a picture of the exchange that I made last month and here it is.
 Today I received the next part of the Dawn of Spring stitchalong, from my friend Mouse, so I am showing where I am up to on the last part, I dont have much more to do, but it will not get finished tonight I think!

I took the opportunity to photograph the honeysuckle in my garden today, since the sun was shining and the rain was holding off!!!
Its looking lovely and it smells soooo sweet, I wish I could add that to the photo for you all! This was a cutting brought from out last home about 10 years ago, and to be honest its done very little until last year when it got about a dozen flowers if that. This year it is covered, really a huge display, I am so pleased with it.

 So whilst I was in the mood I also took a couple of snaps of the flowers in vases in the house as well!

 Well, thats it for tonight, I will pop back on when I have done more on DoS in a day or two.... Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Manchester, United Kingdom - Online Weather Widget - Celsius -

Manchester, United Kingdom - Online Weather Widget - Celsius -

Long time but here I am again!

Well its been over one year since my last post and this really is not good enough!! I must try to make time to pop in at least once a month, dont ya think? Anyway, thats the plan now, so lets see how I get on with it. I have been very busy at work, and it has eaten into my sewing time purely because I am too tired when I get home to do anything other than walk Freddie and feed Pete , and me and Freddie of course! I am at the moment stitching Dawn of Spring, designed by Mouse on Friendly Stitchers yahoo group. I have done a little more than this photo shows, but will hold on showing it until part 3 is done I think.
The next stage includes some drawn threadwork for which I have bought a lovely hand dyed silk ribbon and I am hoping its going to look rather nice once I have done it! I have also completed my Spring Exchange item, which was a kitted out free chart sent to me by an unknown person, and its finished up looking wonderful if I do say so myself! I cant show that yet, the photos are not for viewing until Val does the honors and then all will be revealed!! Its been another sunny and hot day here, lets hope it continues for the rest of the summer, now that would be a treat!
This was the sun in Lanzarote last month, perfect! we had a lovely 2 weeks in this beautiful place, somehow even the sun in Swinton doesnt compare...must be the sangria and not working that makes all the difference...I think! Well thats all for now folks...but I do plan on returning soon, I promise!! off for a nice peppermint tea now