Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Long time but here I am again!

Well its been over one year since my last post and this really is not good enough!! I must try to make time to pop in at least once a month, dont ya think? Anyway, thats the plan now, so lets see how I get on with it. I have been very busy at work, and it has eaten into my sewing time purely because I am too tired when I get home to do anything other than walk Freddie and feed Pete , and me and Freddie of course! I am at the moment stitching Dawn of Spring, designed by Mouse on Friendly Stitchers yahoo group. I have done a little more than this photo shows, but will hold on showing it until part 3 is done I think.
The next stage includes some drawn threadwork for which I have bought a lovely hand dyed silk ribbon and I am hoping its going to look rather nice once I have done it! I have also completed my Spring Exchange item, which was a kitted out free chart sent to me by an unknown person, and its finished up looking wonderful if I do say so myself! I cant show that yet, the photos are not for viewing until Val does the honors and then all will be revealed!! Its been another sunny and hot day here, lets hope it continues for the rest of the summer, now that would be a treat!
This was the sun in Lanzarote last month, perfect! we had a lovely 2 weeks in this beautiful place, somehow even the sun in Swinton doesnt compare...must be the sangria and not working that makes all the difference...I think! Well thats all for now folks...but I do plan on returning soon, I promise!! off for a nice peppermint tea now


  1. Lanzarote looks brilliant ! but also lovely weather here in UK at the moment ... as you say, being off work and relaxing really helps :)
    Your DOS is coming along nicely...

    Val x

  2. Glad you had such a nice time in Lanzarote. Looking forward to seeing all revealed by Val

  3. Your DOS is looking good - nice to see you back in the world of blogging..

  4. cooooo .... over a year since you blogged ????
    love the way DOS is turning out and can't wait to see how you get on with the next part :)
    and mmmm sunny swinton doesn't have the same ring as sunny lanzarote does it ...lol
    love mouse xxxxx

  5. Lovely holiday, it looks like! I would never want to come back! lol. DOS looks beautiful! Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa J.

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