Sunday, 3 April 2011

Been a wee while, but finally I have a few minutes to devote to my blog.
I have spent the weekend at my fellow mods home in Cheshire, with 2 other mods as well!! all except Val, who couldnt make it. We did do a conferance phone call to her, so that she was still with us for some of the time, and we wished she could have made it, so a few drinks were lifted to her as well. Cheers Val, wish you could have been there too, you were missed

Ally had traveled down from Scotland to the Mouse house, and the two of them drove across the Pennines on Saturday morning, with me arriving from Manchester within minutes of them, it was wonderderful to see the girls again, we do chat every day online, but you cant beat a good hug .... and hours of stitch and tell ... now can you?

What a wonderful time we have had, and what a lovely spot Gillie and her hubby have found to live in for the moment, its in such a nice house and is so quiet and roomy!!

Fields all round, horses chomping in a field within a few seconds of her front door, fresh air and so is perfect

Some stitching went on too, when we were not chatting, eating or drinking that is. I had such a good time, many thanks to Gillie and Peter for making us so welcome, and you do know that it was so good that we will turn up again dont you?? was a great weekend.
I have received my pin cushion from Denise in Saudi Arabia in the last couple of days, isnt it gorgeous? She also sent me some magnets, and yummy threads, and some Cath Kidston handbag tissues, all in a sweet rosies covered box, I love it all so thank you to Denise.
This was an exchange with Friendly Stitchers. More will be following soon on group, we had some ideas whilst we were all together, and will be sorting them out in the next few days.
Well, its late now, and I have work tomorrow, so I will say goodnight to everyone,
see you soon!!!


  1. Maybe I should point out that the horse isn't ours! The house is here - you have to come again soon, I had a lovely time!

  2. Hope I can make it next time Gillie - but thanks to you all for not making me feel left out x x

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Your pincushion looks great!

  4. Sounds as if you all had a great time. Looking forward to meeting you all at Harrogate