Sunday, 6 February 2011

stitching with a hook!

Hello again everyone!
Well, I finally got back to work after the bout of swine flu, and have had an order for some of my crochet baby wear which stopped all stitching with the sharp needles and made me get out my trusty hook!
I have not been advertising my baby wear as I have had no time to stock up, but this lady is a past customer and contacted me direct with a plea for help. She fosters babies over in the USA and likes to dress them nicely, so I often send her bonnets to keep the babies warm.
Here is a photo of the 4 bonnets made for her last weekend.

I am also trying to do 2 layettes for the lady I work with who is expecting twins very soon, so my crochet hook is getting a lot of use at the moment, but my stitching is on a back burner I am afraid!!
However, since Wednesday, I have been struck down forcefully by sciatica and nothing is getting stitched at all at the moment, I am in agony, and cant sit down for long enough to stitch anything! Hopefully it will calm down soon cos I do not like this at all!!
The pain killers do work but only for about an hour at the moment, so things are not good. The acute stage should pass in a few days the Doctor says, and then I will have a chronic stage for however long that takes.
This year is not good so far health wise!!!
Ah least it should pass, which a lot of people dont get to say, so I will bear with it!
love to all,

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  1. Wow - love those bonnets Karen .... so sorry to hear about your back probs and hope it calms down soon - remember the Reiki - do it for yourself and pick it up from me x x