Tuesday, 18 January 2011

No 8
Lady Scarlets Journey

I started this about 6 years ago and this is another that I had forgotten about!!

Another mixed stitches band sampler, so I know I will enjoy stitching it!

No 9

ABC Sampler of Stitches

I cant find the actual stitching at the mo, but I know I have done at least the A and maybe the B.....and I have all 9 very expensive charts!!
Once I find it I will photograph it so you can see!!!

No 10
Stitch A Month Sticth Along with Friendly Stitchers.
Designed by Val Blench , a chart is released once every month. Its a band sampler of speciality stitches and it is already looking great after just one month!

So...thats the 10 I have found or know about, and want to complete! I have a few others that I have lost interest in for various reasons and they are being recycled into my stash.

I have some that I have the charts for but have not kitted up yet...they will get rolled out as they get sorted.

Lets hope I get the time to do all these! I hope so!!!!


  1. oooo looking good .. you will finish them we will keep you encouraged hehehehe ..love mouse xxx

  2. it is already looking great fater just one month!

    Sorry Karen but thing i need a translator lol, not heard of the word 'fater' before, could you please explain.

    take care


    PS love your choices.

  3. Well done - I seem to recognise some of those ..... I'll encourage you if you encourage me lol. Hugs, Ally xxxx

  4. I love the colours on that top one! We can do this, girls!