Tuesday, 18 January 2011

No 7
This was a stitch along 2 years ago, one chart every week.
I am on year 3 now and it will get done!
It was designed by Val Blench and Abi Gurden.
Abi was very petty and removed all her charts when she left the group. Since this was designed for the group I am going to finish it regardless of her meanness as I have all the charts. I may well design my own now instead of using hers, if I get time. She did say when she gave the group her charts that they were exclusive for the use of the group though, so I dont see why she thinks she can change her mind when peiople are so far into stitching this.


  1. Just petty mindedness and childish Karen - carry on regardless ! Val x

  2. Oh I am! why would I waste all that lovely fabric and thread,,,,, and time! just to satisfy some silly womans dummy throwing antics?!!
    Thanks Val