Monday, 2 July 2012

quick update on stitching!

Hello everyone!

Just thought I had better pop in and do a quick update before I go back down to Cornwall yet again for a short holiday with my parents.
I spent the Hermit weekend working on the Dawn of Spring sal, and its looking lovely!
so............. once I had got up to date with that one! I remembered the one from last year, designed by Val, and not completed by I dusted that off and carried on with it, and its turning out very nice indeed!

I was thrilled with the rhodes hearts, which looked very complicated on the diagram, but which were easy peasy once I started them and I think they look brilliant in the variagated thread.

Freddie doesnt like me stitching, he wants to sit on my knee and be fussed over!  so he  sits and stares at me as you can see!!  Talk about pathetic poor little me looks!!

I caved in and signed up for the Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL as well, it looked so pretty that I just could not resist..enabled again!!
Here is a photo of the first few hours of work from me, I am using threads and beads from my stash rather than buying a load of stuff that is the designers choice.  I think it looks lovely so far, and the colours will suit my bedroom far better so I am sticking with this now.  I confess to stitching in another thread for several hours and then frogging the lot cos I wasnt happy with the darker colour as chosen by the designer, not for my bedroom this is the final choice now, and mine will after all,  be unique

Its only a small area at the moment, but I hope to get a lot more done on this whilst I am down in Cornwall.  I am taking this and Vals sal with me.

And my Kindle...of course!
Speaking of which, I finally read the Fifty Shades books last weekend, was sick of being the only one not to have done the world I think!!
I did read all 3.
I am unsure as to what to say really....I have now done that at least, so I will not have to repeat it!  and I have read worse.  I have also read a lot better.  And I could have done without all the lip biting and swinging from the chandeliers!!
I have switched to some good old Regency Romance now, I felt the need for a nice story!!

Night everyone!  I will be back in about 10 days from Mum and Dads, and will update soon after.


  1. Well, I guess I must now be the last one in the world not to have read "Fifty Shades..." (and a librarian at that!

  2. Nor me, Lynda! Well done Karen, DoS is looking lovely as is the dusted off piece, lol, and as for the latest SAL, well... Just no self control, some people! Have a lovely time and give Freddie a hug!

  3. Lovely work Karen .... pleased you liked the rhoddes hearts - I love them, and as you say, they are really easy and look brill in variagated threads .... have a lovely time with your folks ... xx
    Val x

  4. Your stitching looks great especially those Rhodes hearts. Thanks for your comments about Fifty Shades I had thought about getting it as everyone seemed to be reading it but will most probably give it a pass now

  5. Great work Karen, managed to resist the Passione Ricamo SAL (just!) so I'll look forward to watching yours grow. Have a wonderful time in Cornwall xxx

  6. Hi Karen, your dos and val's sal looking good. i haven't read the 50's books either, i have heard a lot of comments about the editing etc being a bit dodgy and the story being a bit lacking some have recommended the Anne Rice 'beauty' books instead(which i have already read, i didn't realise what they were till i got them just thought they were normal Anne Rice till i started reading or listening as im sure it was the audible versions from the library that i got them in) so have given the 50 shades books a pass. i missed out on the Passione Ricamo sal clean for got about the sign up ending on the 30th sounded really nice though to be honest i didn't have the stash so probably a good thing

    1. Hi Denise, I have read the Beauty books, same as you, thought they were more of the usual and was quite shocked!! but they are 100% better than 50 shades. Not that its bad, its just so predictable and yet enthralling!! xx

  7. thank you ladies! I will take photos again so I can share my trip with all of you!!
    off for a shower now then early night and off down there in a few hours. xx