Sunday, 15 July 2012

Back again from Cornwall!!

It hasnt been very long since we were there, and now we have been back again!
It has been so wet and windy here that we both were very happy to be having a break down south again.  This time we had to spend the first couple of days moving Sammie into a lovely little flat with her boyfriend, so we drove to Carbis bay then to Falmouth and then to Plymouth and then back to Carbis bay, and it was a lot of driving let me tell you.

Sammie is now a very short walk from this posh bit of Plymouth known as the Barbican, and we went for a lovely meal overlooking this once we had shifted numerous boxes and bedding for her!

The weather was a lot better than that Up North, and the move went off well in sunshine.

We then spend several days enjoying sun and relaxing.  Lots of nice walks and good food and drink.
I did some stitching, spilt a lot of beads, so whats new??  lol

 But I did manage to get part one done, except the bit in the middle which I am leaving for now as its too bitty.  I am not doing the blue background as I am using a nice deepish lilac hand dyed fabric.

The weather was kind to us all week except for Thursday when it BOUNCED down all day!  of course that was the day that we were going on a short boat trip!!  It was a lot of fun though.

Here are some of the nice day views as well,  and see if you can spot the resident St Ives seal in one of them!

Well, thats me off to bed now, I have a long and hard week at work coming up so I need to get to sleep asap really!!
This week on the stitching front, I plan to complete Part 5 of Dawn of Spring, and maybe the hardanger bit of Vals sampler if I get time.

I also signed up for a Biscobud challenge which Val has designed so I may kit that up and put in a few stitches.....with a bit of luck....if I can stay awake of an evening!!

Night all!!


  1. Lovely views, you lucky girl! And your SAL is coming along wonderfully! Have a lovely week at work. ?thanks for sharing!

    Melissa J.

  2. Blimey, you and the Mister are wearing t-shirts, it must have been nice! Lovely photographs and that stitching is beautiful.

  3. gorgeous photos and you had sun and no cardi's either *sniff
    gorgeous stitching as per usual ... looking forward to seeing the rest of the DOS :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  4. Lovely photos glad you had good weather. Like the stitching you have made good progress sorry about dropping the beads

  5. Lovely pics of blue skies and sunshine !! yep, I spotted the seal :)

    Val x

  6. That seal always hangs out at Smeatons's pier when the tide is right. He likes all the free fish that the fishermen toss him :-)

  7. Beautiful pics, looks like you have better weather than us here, rainy, cool and very windy. It feels like Autumn!

    Lovely progress on your WIP's.

  8. Oh, that beach looks wonderful !! And the scenery is lovely !!