Sunday, 10 June 2012

Been down and then back!

Been a busy girl again! We had a trip down to Cornwall for the Jubilee to see my parents and Sammie and her boyfriend, Terry,  and the weather was on the whole good. We had rain a couple of times, and it bounced down on the day we drove back here, but mainly it was sunny and warm. It was lovely see the family and we enjoyed it very much.
 I forgot to take my stitching but I had my trusty Kindle of course!
Pete loves a trip on the open top bus, and we did that on the Bank Holiday Monday,
it was spectacular, as always!
 This was taken early evening of that day, St Ives.

 I have not been doing a lot of stitching since my last post, but I can now show a picture of the exchange that I made last month and here it is.
 Today I received the next part of the Dawn of Spring stitchalong, from my friend Mouse, so I am showing where I am up to on the last part, I dont have much more to do, but it will not get finished tonight I think!

I took the opportunity to photograph the honeysuckle in my garden today, since the sun was shining and the rain was holding off!!!
Its looking lovely and it smells soooo sweet, I wish I could add that to the photo for you all! This was a cutting brought from out last home about 10 years ago, and to be honest its done very little until last year when it got about a dozen flowers if that. This year it is covered, really a huge display, I am so pleased with it.

 So whilst I was in the mood I also took a couple of snaps of the flowers in vases in the house as well!

 Well, thats it for tonight, I will pop back on when I have done more on DoS in a day or two.... Happy Stitching!!


  1. oooo jealous of the views and love open topped bus's .....
    love your DOS so far ... gorgeous colours .
    nice flowers too .... love the smell of honeysuckle :)
    love mouse xxxx

  2. Glad you had a great time away, and love the stitching.

  3. Thank you for posting that pic true of the honeysuckle I can almost smell it. Glad you had a good time away

  4. Lovely pics Karen and lovely stitching

    Val x

  5. Glad the weather stayed okay for you, it's years since i've been to Cornwall, always want to go back but it is just so far away for us.

  6. Good to know the weather was good whilst you were away and wonderful pics. I adore the orange/red colours on your vase of flowers, so cheerful looking. x