Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year

Hello to all my friends! and a Happy New Year to you!!

I have had a nasty bout of flu and been out of circulation since New Year Eve, but am on the mend now and back to blog land and stitching!

The new photo above is the latest addition to my family, meet Freddie!! He is a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier that we have adopted from a rescue centre...Isnt he gorgeous??

The house was so empty with no doggy in it, so I registered to help a needy Yorkie, and one was available within half an hour!! we were so lucky to get him as he is fully trained and good as gold...and such a softy!

Anyway, we all love him to bits and he loves everyone and everything! hes adorable.

I am still off work unwell so Pete has been dog walking, and the two of them are getting very attached to each other, I am a little bit envious! Only joking, Freddie runs straight back to me when he gets in from his walk and has a long cuddle!

Samantha was home for Christmas and was with me when we lost Lilly, and when we found Freddie, so she has been involved in everything which was very good, as she does still live here when she isnt at Uni!!

I crocheted him a nice warm coat as its been a wee bit chilly lately!!

I will sign off now, and return with some stitching news asap.

Love to all


  1. Freddie is cute.
    I hope you get well soon.

  2. Aw ..... he's very sweet Karen - what are those white boots in the background ??? You're not going to put them on him are you lol xx

  3. LOl Val..they are my slippers...Mum bought them for me! they are silver...very Xmas Elf ish!