Friday, 14 January 2011

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update, as you can see above I have made a good effort on my Heirloom Stitchers sampler, which is a Victoria Needleworks design.
This was bought for my by my friends on Friendly Stitchers Yahoo group, for my birthday last year, and I used some money also given to me for my birthday to buy the fabric,...its very long!!......

I did the very first bit, which is over one stitch and a nightmare if you have to stitch in the evening and cant see even with the magnifier and special once I had done that I put it away for a while...well, for several months actually! So I decided it was time to dig it out and start again, and this is the last 2 nights of stitching, its growing really quickly and its a delight to stitch.
The photo could be better, I will try to get a clearer shot.
This is going to worked on at least once a week if not more, until it is done, as I really want to finish it, its so nice.

Now I have started stitching part one of the monthly SAL which is a design by Val Blench, a friend of mine, and a moderator on Friendly Stitchers. Its a sampler of stitches, so its not cross stitch, its lots of different speciality counted thread stitches. Its working up a treat and I will pop a picture up once I have got to the end of part one so you can see it.

Night all!


  1. Ooooh! Where this piece have been lurking? This is A MUST HAVE chart and I really think I need it!
    Niina from Friendly Stitchers

  2. That is a lovely design Karen and lovely stitching - well done .... xx

  3. isn't it adorable :) I still remember sorting the threads n beads out for this one for you and the wine heheheh ;) I must admit tis another mmmmm on the to do list as well *sigh* too many projects not enough time love mouse xxxx