Thursday, 30 December 2010

lets end this year now

Well, its almost the end of this year! and I have to say I am not sorry to see this one roll to a close.
Its been a heartbreaking year in a lot of ways, and I dont want another one like this for good while.
I lost my 2 darling doggies this year, Georgie left us in May and Lilly in December. Two sweeter more loving dogs will never be known again to me I am sure.

My daughters best friend from her infant school days died in November, aged 19, and that was a shock to us all. Rest in peace Georgia, you are very much missed.

Friendly Stitchers, the yahoo group for which I am proud to be a moderator, has had a few background problems that we managed to keep off group, culminating in one of the other mods finally throwing her dummy out and leaving complete with charts that she decided where 'Hers'......very 'its my ball and Im taking it home with me' be honest I am glad to see the back of her, she was becoming a real pain in the backside, a dictator who didnt like people not agreeing to her every wish. You have no idea how much trouble she has been causing!
Problem is she has continued to cause problems by telling lies about some of us on the stitching net, and I am warmed by the thought that time will tell and her true colours will soon show.
Meanwhile, those of you who know this lady, please dont believe all she says, there are 2 sides to every story, and she lives in fantasy land anyway, so the side you are seeing is likely to be totally untrue to begin with.

ANYWAY!!! I am starting anew with this blog come January, and hope it will be regular and cheerful.
By then I hope to have got over this bout of Flu which arrived on Christmas Eve as well.....sigh

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  1. I sooooo agree Karen - if only folks knew what had gone in the background they would not be cheering her on ! ... Val x